Company Overview

Since its establishment, JCCI has gone through many stages starting in 1980 a small company to what it is now as a multi-industrial and commercial activities company that captures a large portion of the local and regional market in its field with a current working capital of JD (4,000,000).

 Since its beginnings, JCCI has specialized in the industry of eggs & fruit Trays through the recycling of newsprint, magazines, and cartoon clips using kneading devices and then turning it into Trays through a specialized production line. The production process in the factory developed through the years to be done through modern and advanced production lines working under the latest technology which produce high quality products. In addition to the availability of the best types of machines to support the production such as cranes, pressing and Shredder devices.

Chairman’s Message

JCCI is a journey that began with a dream and withstood the challenge of time. In line with its Vision, JCCI has evolved as a people-centric organization led by a competent team of professionals giving us width, proficiency and capability to succeed. The company has embraced the best available technology and processes, implementing them at all levels, in every unit and across all parameters. JCCI core values i.e. customer focus, meeting commitments, simplicity, teamwork and trust amongst people are ingrained in each of the employees; this is what forms the edifice of JCCI and drives us to excel. The customer confidence that we have gained that we have built through quality and commitment is one of the things that we hold dear, which motivates us to make the utmost effort to maintain our position and achieve more progress. Our core values have not only shaped our destiny, but also have shaped our customers’ trust on us. We are not just creating the best products; we are creating relationships with the customers that are everlasting.


Majdi M. Hashlamoun

Eco friendly recyclation concept. 3d rendering of green recycle icon on fresh spring meadow with blue sky in background.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in terms of quality & innovations locally & regionally.

Our Mission

To focus on high quality products with innovative designs accompanied by cost competitiveness and service to be beyond customers’ expectations while maintaining Without losing sight of the environment.

Why Choosing JCCI

We are proud to say that JCCI has many success factors that we are always keen to develop to deliver the best service to our clients. Some of these keys are based on building business relationships based on concern for the interests of our customers and providing all the tools necessary to meet their needs in the best available way through the following:


Strong focus on quality compliance


Accurate delivery schedule


Honesty and transparency


Unique and innovative designs